MD’s Message

Aditi-ShahKaribuni Kenya….

Smart Mice Limited is determined to create landmark events; the Africa Travel Show being the first in its long journey of many to come.

The journey beings…thank you all for supporting The Africa Travel Show 2015.

Despite being the world’s second biggest continent Africa often feels like tourism’s best kept secret. Overflowing with incredible assets including primeval beaches, historical and natural wonders, unbeatable wildlife, a diverse cultural heritage, exciting wines and award-winning luxury hotels, Africa has yet to emerge on the international scene as a serious contender. Unbelievably, it represents less than 5% of tourism arrivals.

It is unfortunate that Tourism in Kenya is at its lowest with the recent incidences. Our most important income of foreign exchange has dropped drastically because of Tourism in Kenya being at its lowest. Taking into account of the recent attacks, Kenya’s Tourism, which has provided 15% of GDP in recent years, is in ebb. Tourism is the third largest source of foreign exchange earnings in Kenya. However, since the 1990’s the industry has suffered from a decline in per capita spending, average length of stay and hotel occupancy rates. Warnings from various foreign governments prompted flustered tour companies to evacuate clients from Kenya’s coastal tourist hub, Mombasa. The luxurious resorts and hotels on Lamu Island stand virtually empty. Operators admit it could take years to restore confidence. Destruction of wildlife is another issue of concern in this industry. Development of the Tourism Industry in Kenya continues to be impeded by a range of challenges from viable road networks to runaway crime to exasperating immigration policies to political instability and terrorism. We will not be able to attract investors and simultaneously face the battle of providing jobs, unless drastic measures are taken, we are likely to face a bigger turmoil.

At Smart Mice, we want to unlock Kenya from the tired old tropes that obscure its true potential. We passionately want to generate a movement that will promote a more modern, dynamic and positive image outwards of Kenya and bring a plethora of new business in.

A travel trade show that understands the vital importance of defying the existing truisms was needed to allow Kenya to compete on a global scale.

I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all that have made the Africa Travel Show
Dream come true.

Hope you will all enjoy discovering the hidden treasures of the world at the Africa Travel Show – Kenya’s Premier Travel Expo.