Kenya Tourism Federation

Message from the Chair Lady

Lucy KarumeThe Kenya Tourism Federation is proud of the work that Smart Mice have done in organizing the Africa Travel Show. Inbound and Outbound Tourism in Kenya has a lot of potential. Potential travellers and holiday makers however often complain that they lack information on the attractions and facilities available for them to enjoy.

The Africa Travel Show provides an opportunity for consumers to meet with service providers and not only get information but also make bookings and enjoy attractive special offers.

This show offers a timely platform for service providers who have been struggling in the recent past due to the challenges that the tourism sector is facing as a result of reduced international tourist arrivals. It also offers a great opportunity for consumers to meet a wide variety of tourism, hospitality and travel providers together under one roof.

The Kenya Tourism Federation endorses the Africa Travel Show and we look forward to having this show as an annual event and part of the annual tourism calendar.

Lucy Karume, Chair Lady

Kenya Tourism Federation