CEO’s Message


On behalf of Smart Mice Limited; I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Africa Travel Show 2015.

Smart Mice Limited commits to create attractive and interactive events to the public’s need of entertainment, business development, education and recreation as part of the society.

This prestigious platform will take place from the 4th to the 8th of March at the Oshwal Centre in Westlands. This brand new event aims to be Kenya’s premier and most vibrant travel expo, where people involved in the tourism industry will meet visitors, holidaymakers and event planners. This is where people will come to plan and book their holidays. Get exclusive deals from airlines, cruises, resorts, hotels, lodges, national parks, adventure companies, tourism boards and much more!

The expo will showcase Kenya’s tourism industry: over 100 stakeholders from all sectors of the industry are exhibiting, including regional and international tour operators, travel agents, hotels, camps, lodges, spas, resorts, airlines, adventure tourism companies, car rental companies, cab services, safari guides, volunteering programmes, educational and training companies and financial institutions.

Despite Kenya’s myriad attractions, its tourism industry has struggled in the last couple of years. We at the Africa Travel Show believe that the industry can and will be revived and we are keen to promote the industry in every way we can. At this show, we are giving tourism professionals and the general public a forum in which to meet, talk and make bookings.

We have planned this event in order to give people in the industry the chance to showcase their products and meet the public face to face. We also want to give the people of Kenya the opportunity to meet professionals in the tourism industry, to discuss their holiday priorities and to hear from the experts what travel and holiday options are available here.

Kenya is gifted with a distinctive combination of tourist attractions, comprising tropical beaches, abundant wildlife in natural habitats, scenic beauty and geographically diverse scenery. The diversity of Kenya’s habitat is equaled by the remarkable variety of plant life and world famous wildlife heritage. Thus, Kenya can truly be promoted as a destination that offers the visitor; whether foreign or domestic, an unmatched variety of travel experiences.

Kenya has something for everyone in terms of diverse ecosystems, wildlife, adventure activities and of course the pristine coastal beaches. It is perfect for conferencing, family holidays and backpacking alike. Since the recent security problems, people have been chary of holidaying here. I would like to use this space to call on the government and all related bodies to tackle the security problem cogently and to send a genuine message across the world that Kenya is a safe and beautiful country, and that we welcome tourists with our hearts.

Kenya has the most extraordinarily diverse attractions, with safari parks, beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, lakes, conservation areas and wilderness regions. The country really does have something for everyone. Visitors can go on safari, do adventure sports, do water sports, climb mountains, track endangered species or just relax and enjoy the views. The tourism industry is multifaceted and has wide reaching appeal.

With over 100 exhibitors, over 20,000 travellers and industry professionals attending and 2,000 travel options available, this show is not to be missed. I would like to thank the sponsors, partners, exhibitors and participants of the Africa Travel Show. I will do my absolute best to make this show a success that I truly believe it will be. I look forward to many more Africa Travel Shows in the future.

It’s fundamental to the rebuilding and rebalancing of our economy. So that’s our goal and those are some of the ways that we’re going to raise our game to try and reach it. This message is an appeal to you to tell us the tools you need to finish the job. With so much of this agenda, making the most of our tourism industry is not simply about government action. It’s about what our communities and local businesses do. Reaping the gains of local tourism is one of the great economic tests of the Big Society. Can we come together to make our country more prosperous? Can we support new developments and new enterprise to boost our tourism and make the most of our great heritage and national assets? I believe we can come together in a new nationwide effort to make this coming decade the best ever for tourism in Kenya. And I’m confident that – together – we will meet it.

With those few remarks feel welcome to the home of Safari and discover real adventure. A warm welcome from the heart awaits you from the people of Kenya. Get treated to the spectacular and splendor of the Kenyan boundless wilderness. Have your mind and body rejuvenated by the clean fresh air under blue clear skies. Indulge in the rich Kenya flavors as you get soothed by melodies of birds and waters. Nowhere else could give an experience for a discerning tourist and a deeper understanding for the balance of nature; than Magical Kenya.